Password Security: A meaningful policy

Passwords can tend to be a weak point for users, since hackers can get to their information if they have the password.  It is important to safely secure a password that only the user has to prevent unwanted access to a user’s application.

SSL/TSL: A Weak Point

Everybody is listening.  Whether a person is talking on the phone while waiting in line, or someone is conversing with another sitting in a food court.  It is easy enough to see that anyone, purposely or not, can see and hear things that someone else does not want to be known.

Jobless Log #1 : Life as a NEET

For me, the worst thing about being unemployed is having to talk about being unemployed with other people. It isn't the lack of money nor is it the wave of lackluster motivation that I feel when I wake up in the morning. The most agonizing pain to me is having to interact with other people.

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